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Welcome to R.A.G.S.

We are a non-profit association of retail, brick and mortar Stained Glass stores; you may know us as RAGS. We are an association of retail, brick and mortar stores who voluntarily work together to improve and enhance each others businesses. We are locally owned, independent business and we contribute to the local economy. Our common ground is our mutual love of all things art glass related. We provide support and ideas to each other via email in a supportive and non competitive manner. Once a year, we gather at our annual conference called RAGSfest in order to learn new techniques, to exchange fresh ideas and to inspire one another.

We support the 3/50 project because they support our members! By choosing 3 local businesses you don't want to see disappear and spending $50 per month at those stores, you can keep small business healthy and support your neighbors by keeping more money local. See how this project works by visiting: the 3/50 project

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Testimonials from R.A.G.S. Members

No one can be a better support and encouragement than someone else with a store like yours. We learn things all the time from our fellow RAGS members that help us run our business more effectively. The summer events (RAGSfest) where we gather and learn hands on from one another have been amazing. We can't imagine life without RAGS!
Covenant Art Glass
Everett, Washington
...hundreds of years of experience....RAGS is the pot of gold at the end of the Stained Glass rainbow.
Deposito Barrio Lujan S.A.,
San Jose, Costa Rica
...I don't know where my business would be if it wasn't for the suggestions, advice and comments from the RAGS members.
Sundancer Stained Glass
Saco, Maine
Every stained glass retailer should make membership in RAGS a must-do; it doesn't cost as much as a session with the shrink, and it keeps you a lot saner.
Rainbow Artistic Stained Glass
Omaha, NE
Of all the annual fees my business is required to pay, the RAGS membership fee is, by far, the most valuable and worthwhile. And the daily Discussion Board and exchange of information is PRICELESS!
Art Glass Connection
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
I love my RAGS friends. They are a place for me to source stuff, find out how to do something new, teach someone something I already know, confirm our dreams on creating a perfect retail environment. We are supportive of each other's efforts to stimulate our own glass stores and the glass community as a whole.
Kiss My Glass
Santa Cruz, California
I want to thank everyone in the RAGS group for all of the information on reinforcement. This type of assistance alone makes it worthwhile to be a member.
Peacock Stained Glass
Rollo, MO
After just a few weeks of reading all these e-mails, I can truly see that this was one of the best business decisions I've ever made
Glassic Arts
DeLand, FL
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